Weekdays:   November/December;   Teaching              Weekends:    Services / Weddings    

  November/December  - Teaching weekdays/weekends                            Weddings                          

 Monday    9 - 2pm        -            Qegs  Nov 4th  / Dec 17th

 Tuesday   8 - 4pm        -  Westholme Nov 5th / Dec 18th

Thursday 12 - 3.30pm - Oakhill Coll. Nov 7th / Dec 19th

 Friday        9 - 3pm        -              Qegs Nov 8th / Dec 20th


Sundays - 10.30 - Nov 4th, 11th, 18th

25th; Immanuel Church, Oswaldwhistle


Sundays - 10.30 - Dec 2nd, 9th, 16th

23rd; Immanuel Church, Oswaldwhistle


 Monday's    5pm -7pm   - B.S.M        Nov./Dec

 Saturday's  1pm- 3pm    - B.S.M        Nov./Dec 

Saturday 27th October 12:30 Wedding Immanuel Church, Oswaldwhistle  -  BB5 3QW

Saturday 1st January 13.00 Wedding Immanuel Church, Oswaldwhistle  -  BB5 3QW

Saturday 12th January 19:30  H.U.M.

Gospel Choir Immanuel Church, Oswaldwhistle  -  BB5 3QW

 Mozart - Marriage of Figaro; Overture

Organ transcription - Paul Topping

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Student involvement in workshops..

Armistice day choral mass..

Composing, not playing..

Time at university..

School work..

A new year..

Peace and tranquillity when walking in Lancashire..