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I have  an engaging and open yet assertive style of teaching in a one-on-one environment. Age-range of teaching experience starts from a 4 year old pupil to a 92 year old former accordion player. Paul's teaching philosophy is simple - what is it 'one' wants to learn to play?! A tutor is  a guide, on hand to show their student solutions where difficulties within the music occur. They act by  showing corrections i.e. in fingering, rhythm and pitch. They can also show alternative ways of playing something that might seem too difficult at first and instead, play an arranged replacement passage so that the student can move on.





A few points of view from myself, reflecting on my  own experience -


1  -  Given the fact that learning to play a well-known popular song, theme tune or melody is the easiest way to start learning, to advance quickly and progressively ultimately requires more time and patience on ones instrument as efficient, routine practise is the absolute key to maintaining forward momentum.  There is much proof in examples of musicians, young and old, who spend much of their time, using a good all-round regime, working through music daily and consistently trying to improve themselves, tackling specifically their ‘not-so-good-points’ i.e. working on sight-reading, unfamiliar key signatures etc. most of the time, rather than playing what is already learnt, over and over.


2  -  There is no rule-book on ‘when’ to begin learning. Some say the ideal time to start playing an instrument is between the ages of 5 to 8. Though true to a degree, it very much depends on a pupil's attentiveness, memory recall ability and hand/eye co-ordination, as well as a keenness to give things a good go!



3  -  It's important to mention that an instrumental tutor should always put the interests of his or her student first. Getting to know what their musical likes and dislikes are is imperative; do they have a preference of music ; rock or folk, classical or jazz (age permitting), what ‘is it’ that motivates a child / adult to want to learn how to play an instrument, and can they sustain that initial burst of enthusiasm once the music they play increases in difficulty?



4  -  Finally, this is one of my most important things to consider – the quality of the instrument one is to learn on. Many many times, pupils have started lessons on an electric guitar that can’t stay in tune because the machine heads are not tight enough and the bridge has been set up poorly, or the materials used on a nylon string guitar are poor and the build quality compromise its ability to actually sound / stay ‘in tune’, especially when the fret boards  are unevenly spaced. Another scenario; maybe a relative is giving away an old upright piano to a niece / nephew and it hasn’t been tuned or regulated in a long time. In circumstances like these, the chances a child will keep inspired are very slim, and could in fact be counterproductive. Assuming parents have invested or would invest in many lessons for that child throughout a year, they could quite easily lose interest in playing because of the poor quality of their instrument. When buying an instrument, it is always better to seek professional advise, hopefully  from musicians you know and trust.

Teaching lesson and materials

A typical instrument lesson can take anything from 20 minutes to 1 hour in length. Beginners, especially young beginners, would normally be taught for between 20  to 30 minutes. Students of grade 5 standard and above are taught 30 minutes to 1 hour, in order to cover the increase in musical knowledge and repertoire ​for that standard, 45 minute lessons are not uncommon.

As I currently teach in 2 schools local to Blackburn, I am DBS (formerly CRB) cleared and have level 2 safeguarding training every year. Evening and weekend tuition,  currently/if required, takes place at The Blackburn School of Music,  BB2 6AY or in Oswaldtwistle at Immanuel Church, BB5 3QW, both of which hire out rooms for tuition to take place. If you would like to enquire about rates, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly via email or messenger. I will send a return email within 24 hours.


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