Teaching materials

Teaching materials



I use several music instrumental examination boards including - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (the standard/most often used piano exam board), Trinity/Guildhall Exam Board, Rock School Exam Board, The Registry of Guitar Tutors and The London College of Music exams. Each has an independent ethos depending on the musical genre that they portray through  the repertoire they use. It is up to both teacher and pupil on  what music to persue, with the instrument in mind. Boards can have widely varying technical requirements i.e. scales, short studies and some have a differing emphasis on ear/aural tests i.e. when to introduce the pitching of intervals, or listening and responding to a single line melody as against music with an accompaniment, call and response either with your instrument or your voice, etc. I make decisions on which path the student should follow, once one's musical preference's have been realised. I adjust and cater for his/her pupil depending on how quickly a pupil starts to memorize notes in notation, how much a pupil relies more on their ear, how much progress a pupil makes in between lessons and then conclude whether or not a pupil will find reading notation or playing by ear easier than the other and advise accordingly. However, I introduce what a student is less capable of doing into their programme of learning over a period of time, focusing on building a students confidence up in what they are achieving, firstly.



Please have a browse through my list of examination books/materials, with some standard and contemporary repertoire mentioned; -


Ragtime - Joplin / Lamb

Elite Syncopations , Sugar Cane Rag /

American Beauty Rag

I teach  across  wide  and varied  musical  genres   having   been   influenced   and inspired by many musicians; Keith Jarrett,  Solomon  CutnerSviatoslav   Richter, Martin Roscoe, Michel Petrucciani, Paco de Lucia, Paco PenaArt  Tatum,  Tiësto, Ferry  CorstenTon  KoopmanMat  Bellamy -  MuseThom  Yorke  Radiohead, Martin Taylor, Michiel Borstlap, Tomatito, Konstantin Adzhemov, Murray Perahia, Olivier LatrySven VathJames P Johnson,  Ben van  Oousten,   Peter  RoseJulian Bream, John Williams, Maurizio Pollini, Sergiu Celibidache  and many  many  more. My musical influences have continued to grow on hearing new  music  constantly over  the  years. One distinct memory I have is of hearing my first piano  recording when I was 6 years of age; Joshua  Rifkin   playing  Scott Joplin's  piano  rags, thus starting my love of ragtime piano! Since then, I've acquired a taste for many genres - this is reflected  in the teaching materials I use.

A.B.R.S.M. - Grades 1 - 8; Piano/Guitar/Ch.Organ


Trinity Board - Grades 1 - 8, Piano/Guitar/Keyboard


Rock School - Grades 1 - 6, Electric Guitar/Bass


RGT Board - Grades 1 - 6, Accoustic/Electric Guitar


Trinity Pop-Rock - Grades 1 - 8, Keyboard(Piano)/Electric Guitar


A.B.R.S.M. - Grades 1 - 5 Jazz Piano


London College - Grades 1 - 5, Piano/Guitar

'Classical' to intermediate rep. piano; -

Early jazz - Morton / Johnson

King Porter Stomp / Carolina Shout



Sel. of J.S.Bach's 'Anna Magdelana' + preludes book 1 WTK / Schumann 'Album for the young' / Sel. of Chopin Preludes + much more...

'Classical' to intermediate rep. guitar; -

Sel. of Studies for guitar; Carcassi & Sor / Antonio Lauro 'Vals' sel. / Tarraga / Albenez / Villa lobos 'Studies' / Juan Martin 'Flamenco Guitar - Book 1' + much more



'Contemporary' song selection arranged for piano/guitar/organ by P.T. -

Jess Glynn 'Hold my Hand' (pno/org) / 'Frozen' theme (pno) / Sel. Coldplay hits (pno/org/gtr) / Sel. Oasis hits (gtr/pno) / Sel. Edd Sheeran hits (gtr/pno) + much much more...

These lists are only a sample of materials I uses, so that you have an idea of the repertoire students may one day play, I hope these help! Any further questions, you can email them or send queries through messenger, hope to hear from you!





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